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Laguna Niguel Real Estate
One could argue that Laguna Niguel real estate is among the best in the United States. Being part of a long list of Orange County California beach communities is just the beginning. In addition to that Laguna Niguel boasts some of the finest looking and most comfortable homes to be had. Many a visitor has quickly affiliates program turned resident over the years and the community has expanded and grown considerably during those years as well.

The city of Laguna Niguel also offers up a whole host of sites to see and places to fill an empty stomach. This is of course the Chet Holifield Federal Government Building which is one of the more well known locations in the city and for those seeking some outdoor fun there is always Aliso and Wood Canyons Regional Park as well as Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Both beautiful these parks are a favorite of tourists and residents with families.

Laguna Niguels schools are all part of the Capistrano Unified School District which plays host to seven Elementary Schools, two middle schools, and two distinct high schools. For older students and those wishing to continue their education residents of Laguna Niguel may attend Saddleback College located in nearby Mission Viejo. For additional city information please visit the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce.

Dana Point Real Estate
Like many of its surrounding cities Dana Point shares a rich history and known for its famous locations and beaches. Dana Point Real Estate is also a popular spot for those interested in buying property for both residency and investment.

If you are new to Dana Point or will shortly become a member of the community you will probably want to first view and take in the beautiful beaches the city beholds. Dana Point is popular among surfers in this area and is now for the legendary surf break called Killer Dana. If you need a break from the beach you can also head into town and trading affiliate program sample some of the city's fine food. If you love food then you'll have no problem satisfying your hunger as Dana Point offers everything from your typical fast food restaurants to seafood dining and even fine dining experiences. One of the more popular locals is Renaissance Dana Point which serves omelets, sandwiches, salads, pancakes and steaks too along with live music.

Not unlike Laguna Niguel Dana Point's schools function within the Capistrano Unified School District so if you're settling into the city with children you need not worry as the schools within this district are among the best in the country. The Dana Point Chamber of Commerce will provide you with additional information about this ffabulous city.

Monarch Beach Real Estate
Just because Monarch Beach is a smaller community located within Dana Point don't be fooled. Monarch Beach Real Estate and it's homes are just as popular and beautiful as the community's larger counterpart. Being a smaller part of a Dana Point doesn't concern the residents and tourists as their close to everything they need both for necessities and entertainment. These people can enjoy the city life of Dana Point and then retire to a quieter area in Monarch Beach when its time to unwind.

The city is well known for its history of breeding monarch butterflies though they are rarely found in the numbers they once were it is part of the proud past of Monarch Beach. Perhaps the communities most famous location is the Ritz Carlton which attracts tourists and is a mainstay of both wealthy famous travelers and the tourists themselves.

As a suburb of Dana Point children of Monarch Beach will attend the same schools as those residing in the larger city so parents will have no concern over the education of their children.

Laguna Hills Real Estate
Another great city located in Orange County California Laguna Hills is yet another popular location for tourists and for those interested in Laguna Hills Real Estate either for the purposed of investment and/or residency.

The city is a hot spot for shoppers in live in or near Laguna Hills as they can quite quickly, head over to the Laguna Hills Mall. The mall attracts both big wealthy spenders as the casual shopper in need of a few pick up items for his or her home.

If you're one of our senior citizens you can take comfort that the area is home to many of our more mature citizens as Leisure World is located within the city limits. Also home to Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, in Laguna Hills you will certainly receive fine quality care should you be in need of medical assistance as this is Orange County's best hospital.

As far as education is concerned Laguna Hills is governed by the Saddleback Valley Unified School District and is home to several high performing elementary schools. Laguna Hills High School may be one of the small schools in the district but that leaves more time for its teachers to work one on one with its students helping to ensure that they receive the best education possible.